A call for donation for a child with a heart problem from Nigeria

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The little child Makuochukwu (Abr. Makuo) from Nigeria is just three years old and has to bear much pains and suffering. He was born with congenital heart disease (TOF).
He experiences among other things, squatting intermittently especially following strenuous exercise, breathlessness and bluish discolouration of lips.
His doctor summed up his problem as: Cyanotic heart disease. Pretty Makuo cannot grow up like all other normal children. He gets very quickly tied especially following energy sapping activities. Very often he palpitates and gasps for oxgen. Many children, who have the kind of disease that Makuo has, do not attain the age of schooling at all. Makuo was abandoned as an orphan and later picked up by an Orphange home. Inspite of his double tragedy, he is a lucky baby. Then, a loving family adopted him and now puts everyting on the line to save his life. For Makuo’s life to be saved, according to experts, heart surgery is very necessary. Indeed inevitable! Unfortunately, such complicated surgery, which has to be carried out on Makuo, is not possible in Nigeria – the home country of the little boy.
Consequently, the doctors in the HDZ NRW in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, agreed to carry out the necessary life saving operation, as soon as possible.
Makuo’s familiy cannot afford the high cost of the surgery, as communicated by the clinic, € 30.000 (cir.). In addition, there are other accompanying expenditures such as, the flight tickets, consulatory affairs-visa applications, accommodation and feeding of those accompanying him. The clinic contributes in a way to keep the cost low by writing-off some of the concommitant costs.
We implore you therefore to help us with donations, in order to help Makuo become healthy and achieve a hopeful future.

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Help for Makuo

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